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IVF specialists in HK?

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    Dr Derek Lo's contact info is here:

    He's really a wonderful Dr, hope he's able to help you.

    Best of luck!

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Yes, I do agree with ariel that "IVF is very much a "luck" thing. You need a doctor who is understanding, caring and able to do the right job. A top notch IVF specialist does not really give you a higher chance to get pregnant."

    Successful rate is really just a number game. Some clinic just discard patient with low chance of success and hence make their successful rate look good.

    I think people sometime just believe too much on fertility treatment.
    In fact, the most important criteria for successful pregnancy is (1) egg quality (2) sperm quality (3) uterus enviroment. Fertility doctor cannot really improve (1) and (2) that much. For 3, the implantation part, NO doctor in the world can have control of it.

    I also think I doctor who give u the "suitable" treatment is more important.

    I saw the top notch doctor that some of you mentioned before. Yes, may be he is knowlegable but I don't think he really propose me with the correct treatment. As he is so busy to entertain that many patient on the queue. He just give me "standard treatment". Which end up wasting my time and money. Since he has so many patient, he forget my case history unless i remind him. For another less famous doctor, he gave me a tailor treatment plan right from day one.

    Yes latest technology will help. But it does not apply for all patient too. For instance, IVM, yes, it is a so-called new technolgy but if you are not suffering form Polycystic ovary Syndrome, it is of no use to you. So a doctor know more technology does not neccessary be beneficial for your particular case.

    Doctor can help. But for fertility issue, it is really more matter of luck and chance. A doctor can maximize what you have but cannot create things that u dont have. For stimuation drugs, they can use different drugs but have no control on your responds. Some ppl have poor respond and produce not much more follicle, for those who have better respond who produce more folicle doesn't mean they will all carry egg and all get fertilized.

    In short, a doctor who have heart and know who to treat is better than busy doctor who don't even remember your name and your history.

    Also top notch doctor is expensive for a less famous doctor who charge less, you probably can have more trial attempt, which may even give you a better chance.

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    Then do anybody know about Dr. Clement Ho or Dr. Tay. Any comments as I'm also wondering to go for which doctor.


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    Getting Desperate

    I agree with what Ruby06 is saying. I also have been to the "top-notch" IVF specialist but it hasn't been quite working. I was pregnant in my second attempt using frozen eggs from the first time, however the foetus just did not grow after 8 weeks.

    The experience gave me encouragement to keep doing the treatments but it seems that after 2 more fresh rounds, the no. of eggs that get successfully fertilised have significantly deteriorated to 3 of average quality (they used to be v good) with no spare eggs good enough for frozen keep. My doctor said I have PCOS, but he has not conducted any test on me and i have been taking Glucophage for the last 2 months already. He has never mentioned IVM before. There is no parameter on whether Glucophage works or not, besides the fact that the egg quality seems to be deteriorating. On ultrasound viewing before retrieval, they reacted well with Gonal F with desirable sizes, and the problem with the quality only surfaces after fertilisation, I was told.

    I am getting desperate at the moment as I have just reached 40. I see myself as on the young side of 40 as I used to lead an active life (before turning into a tub of lard after the treatments). I don't usually take no for an answer and I am determined to keep trying. But I think that I should change my doctor as I don't see he has been doing anything special/tailor-made for me as I have been taking the same medicine/injection all this time. Even if there is nothing that doctors can do, I don't feel that I am getting the attention as the clock is ticking.

    I am seeing Troy Sing on the TCM side but it is not clear to me on how much the quality of the eggs can be improved and how it can be monitored.

    Can anyone suggest what I should do ? I know that I have to accept that my age is not working for me, but I believe that if I take my action plan correctly, there should be still be hope.

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    Anyone see Dr. Clement Chan at Manning House for IVF?

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