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good child minder in HK?

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    anna is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2002

    Question good child minder in HK?

    unlike most in HK i do not have a fulltime helper. I am finding now that my little one is getting bigger (6 months) i need to start piecing my life together again ;-) i would like to do this slowly, maybe have 2 days a week to myself to do stuff.
    The problem being i am finding it very difficult to find a "child minder / baby sitter" with qualified experience. I do not want to leave her with someone who is trainned as a domestic helper and knows nothing about children (had a VERY BAD experience with that, and wont do it again!)
    Can someone pls recommend either an agency (other than "rentamum") or someone they know. This will only be for 2 days a week (and ocassional late evening at weekend) and for 1 month only.
    I really appreciate any and all suggestions
    thank you!

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    mvegas is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    Have you checked with Annerley Midwives? If you check their website they list babysitter as a service that is provided.

    Good luck. It's not easy to manage in Hk without a helper. I have a 16 month old and don't have a helper. I somehow manage to piece together help when I need it.


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    aohman is offline Registered User
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    Anna, I also am a mother of two and don't have a full time helper.

    I have a legal part time helper who comes in twice a week to clean and do housework and light babysitting (while I take my son to playgroup and my baby is napping). I have asked her for more help but her schedule is full so no luck there. I was fortunate enough to find her through a friend of a friend.

    Strange thing, I have called Mums'R'Us and International Private Nursing Service but no one answers. Go figure? And both numbers are listed in a Comm unity Advice Bureau pamphlet that I picked up more recently.

    I have two numbers you might call. One is the Methodist Centre Counselling and Integrated employment service (they train Hong Konger in search of maid/house help employment 2527-2250). They also have a Kowloon center. The one difiiculty is that they don't speak English all that fluently and tend to do placements for Chinese households. ALthough the woman there did say that they have placed in expat homes.

    The other is a private company, Wai Hong Cleaning & Pest Control Co., Ltd. Custom Maid 2786.9669. Not a great name, but I do know of an acquaintence's friend who was able to hire someone through this agency.

    My husband's secretary has found the numbers to a government placement agency and another private agency that hires out local helpers. When I get the numbers, I will send them along.

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    anna is offline Registered User
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    Dec 2002

    Cool wow tx!

    thank you, will try those numbers next week and will let you know the outcome ;-)
    thanks again, i really appreciate it!

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    rjane2000 is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2008

    Smile part time applicant-experienced caregiver with a formal training

    Hi moms, I'm Rubyjane 25 years old hardworking,flexible and eager thanks to have a part time job as a child minder from 0 mons old up. please e mail me at [email protected] and I will send you my full profile Resume and details about my self. Thank you so much.

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    laurenmary is offline Registered User
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    Discovery Bay

    Hi there, my australian nanny is looking for part or full time work from beginning June (we have to go home due to family sickness). She can stay for at least 3 months and possibly more. She is ideally looking for love-in though which is cheaper for you but may not suit? She has had lots of bub experience and looked after my daughter from when she was 5 months old. PLease let me know if you are interested in knowing more. THanks

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