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Coffee group in Mid Levels for new mums

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    Just moved a post of aldougie into this thread. Helps if everything stays in one place.


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    hi everyone,

    i realize that adequate space is always an issue in hk. my husband is setting up a new american restaurant in the soho area and i suggested to him that during one afternoon per week, he should set up a play area with toys so that mothers can meet up, have some coffee and chat while their kids play together. it would be similar to the preschool group however a little more entertaining for mothers. would anyone be interested? bc i can try to get this started within a few weeks. maybe we can even combine this with a lunch so that working mothers (like me) can join for for a few hours!

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    This is a brillant idea! We're definitely interested.

    How about doing family brunches on Sunday so even the Dad's can mingle?


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Jenny - this would be a brilliant idea especially if it could run over lunch as I'm going back to work soon and was a little sad that Calla (my baby) will miss out on meeting lots of other babies when I return to work (also feeling a little sorry for myself also!). Love Rani's idea of a Sunday Brunch where dad's could meet up as they always seem to be ignored - maybe we could all organise something anyway?

    Anyway keep us all posted - you have a definite interested party here.


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    great idea

    Wonderful idea Jenny. I would definitely be interested.
    To aldougie - would love to come Wednesday but already have plans. Will continue to monitor this thread to see what else can be organised.

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    I think the Sunday brunch with Dad's included sounds great!

    Just to add to all of this, there is also the Working Moms Group that has been happening this past month. There have been two lunches so far and a total of about 14 moms who were interested. The idea of the Working Moms Group is for new working moms (mainly with babies under 1year) to meet during their lunch hour because we all can't make it during the weekdays and don't prefer after work either because we want to get home to baby. The location has been at a restaurant in Admiralty because all the moms so far work in Central, Admiralty, and Causeway Bay.

    The next lunch will be at the end of the month. So, if there's any working moms out there who are interested, come on board!

    Rani - I didn't know whether to post to this thread or the working moms thread. I'll put a same posting at the working moms thread too.

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    I saw this thread only yesterday, but I am so interested, too. Are there any news, where to meet and when. We have quite a "big" flat, so we could also meet here. But this is not Mid Levels, I'm living in Pokfulam. So if this is too far out of town, I would be happy to go to Mid Levels.

    Also the Sunday brunch is a great idea.

    I hope I'm not too late for all of this. I keep an eye on this thread!

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    Talking nice to see

    it's really nice to see things taking action ;-)
    it would seem i am spending most my time in Singapore these days so unfortunately can not make any HK "meet ups" till i get back at the end of the month.
    Does anyone know if there is a similar thing in Singapore? As i am here so often it would be nice to meet other mummys ;-) especially as i am ALWAYS travelling with my little one.

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