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Sleeping problems !

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I’ve found that making sure my little one has the chance of a long afternoon nap actually helps her sleep better at night. This seems wrong to me but if she is awake and active all day she wakes a lot at night. Whereas if she has an activity in the morning and the chance to sleep during the afternoon she sleeps much better during the night. And also seems to go to bed at the same time!

    It doesn’t matter what time she takes the nap. Sometimes it is as early as 1:00 pm and other times as late as 5:00 pm the important thing is that she has it.

    I think it is because when she gets over stimulated and misses her afternoon nap she gets overtired. This means that during the night her mind is still active instead of ready for sleep – with the result that there is more waking through the night.


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    scr is offline Registered User
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    Thanks for asking hkmummy...friday night was horrible...he woke up every hour till 4 in the morning. Hope he sleeps well tonight.

    Thanks for the input Barb. My son sleeps in the afternoon without any trouble and wakes up after an hour and half happy and refreshed. It's night time that's causing all the problems. Hope it's because he's teething as there doesn't seem to be anything else wrong. I wonder if he's overtired by his bedtime though !

    Cheers everyone, feels good to share it with you all.

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    Hi scr.

    In general, I would agree that a nap in the afternoon makes a world of difference. When she is overtired by bedtime, she has a lot of trouble falling asleep, and tends to wake up. Maybe nightfrights?

    We didn't let her cry it out, but I did start putting her in bed and just sitting in her room. I wouldn't pick her up, but she would see me there, stand up and try to play, and then get tired and lay back down. She learned that it was bedtime, but that I was still there so she wasn't afraid or lonely.

    You're probably right about the teething. During this time, there's not much you can do. You may want to try some lavender bath to calm him down. They really helped when our baby was teething. There are lots of brands you can try, but the best by far that I have tried is Ickle Baby Baff by Lush.

    Good luck

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