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Education in Hong Kong - Frequently asked Questions

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    On the matter of local schools...

    My children attend a local school in the Shatin area. I refer to it as writing school! When they start primary 1 they will need to be able to read and speak cantonese. My daughter spoke quite a bit and had only 1 year of writing chinese characters behind her. She is still behind her classmates in Primary 2. She can't read all of the characters in her assignments or tests, which means she can't understand the questions.

    Another thing to consider is the way the children are disiplined in the local schools. Humiliation is a common technique!

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    GSIS & Canadian International

    Is GSIS really as good as all the hype about it suggests ("top International school"...) or is it overrated?

    Also, do any parents have comments about Canadian International (in Aberdeen)? The brochures show only photos of Chinese kids.

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