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Baby dentist and teeth-brushing struggles

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    Baby dentist and teeth-brushing struggles

    When would you take your baby/toddler to her first trip to the dentist and please can anyone share details of a good dentist in Hong Kong ?

    I am hoping that a smart dentist could persuade my nearly 2 year old to brush her teeth. I have tried all the things mentioned in the existing thread but she won't let me brush her teeth ! AND she has recently discovered a love for chocolates !! How do you manage with your 2 year olds please ?

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    My son is only 18 months, and LOVES to brush his teeth. Infact, he will do it himself and won't let us touch the brush. Only problem is he doesn't spit out the toothpaste and I've not found flouride free toothpaste in HK. Low flouride yes, but not flouride free.

    My son is due for a dental visit at the Adventist. It is part of his package and I've heard that they are very good. You could try the Adventisit and see if that works for you!

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    I also have difficulty brushing my 2-year old's teeth. For a while we had a fluoride free toothpaste called Baby's First Teeth I think, it had some digestible enzymes in it, and was banana-flavored. She would suck the paste off usually...But now I can't find this toothpaste anymore. I got it at Mannings but since then they don't seem to have it--only the "low fluoride" ones.

    So we just brush her teeth without toothpaste. (She definitely is not ready to spit out real toothpaste yet). It helps that she has a cartoon toothbrush (Pikachu) which makes her a bit more excited about brushing her teeth. But usually it is a few seconds of her brushing just her front teeth herself, then we have to wrestle and coax her quite a bit so she'll let us brush the inside teeth properly. Just want to keep her having the habit of brushing her teeth morning and night, and stave off the cavities as long as possible while she has no real toothpaste. She loves biscuits and sweets so I do worry about that.

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    I think Healing Plants Too at Lynhurst Terrace carries Flouride Free toohthpaste. I think All Things Healthy at Centrium also carry some (though I am not so sure), do give them a ring first. My 2 year old allows me to brush his teeth after I told him the germs will be hammering his teeth to make little holes if they are not brushed ! It seems to work. Also there is this book by Usbourne called "Going to the Dentist" which I find very helpful to show 2 years old the importance of brushing teeth. You can buy this book at the bookshop (Can't recall the name but it starts with P) which is next to Bumps to Babes at the Horzon Plaza.

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