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How to get baby to sleep on her own?

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    aldougie is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2003

    She's 6 months - I don't think controlled crying is supposed to be done until they are at least 6 months - too many other reasons for them to be unsettled at night before then.

    Good news is she slept 10.15 minutes last night which is the longest that she has ever slept so fingers crossed this is the beginning of good sleeping for her and therefore me!

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    Chance is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2003

    Will not sleep in Crib

    My 10 month old baby will not sleep in his crib but will sleep in bed with me. He sometimes will sleep for about 1-2 hours and then wakes up and I will rock him back to sleep but as soon as I put him down in his crib he cries and refuses to go back to sleep but when I put him down on my bed he falls back to sleep quickly.

    I want to break this habit but not sure what to do. It is an easy way out but I'm so tired that it is just easier for me to put him in my bed but I want him to learn that he has to sleep in his crib alone. I have been doing this for most of his life and I am afraid it is too late to break this habit.

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    pkh is offline Registered User
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    Not too late

    Thanks All, for the advice. I have started to let my daughter cry it out a couple nights ago. The first night she woke two times. First time my husband gave in and held her to sleep. Second time we let her cry - for 30 mins... we did not go in to see her. Finally she went to sleep on the her. Last night, she woke one time, I went in and pat her back... she cried for another minute or so and went to sleep... I hope this means she is learning... We will see how it goes tonight. I am not seeing any change in her attitude to me during the day - no negatives from the crying out method so far - except for her hoarse voice.

    For Chance, probably not too late for 10 month old to learn. I have a friend in the same situation... 10 month old daughter (she had been rocked to sleep for since she was 4 month old). My friend tried the controlled crying method and it works after one week.... the hard part is being able to bare her cry....


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    Grace Bellis is offline Registered User
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    I'm trying to teach my 13 months daughter to learn how to get to sleep on her own. I thought she could, but realised that she couldn't quite recently. We let her cry to sleep for a few nights now..the crying period is reducing, but she would still cry for good 20 mins non-stop. The worst part is that she threw up everytime (not sure if we'd ever get her to do so:-(. The previous messages I read was to train baby from 6 to 10 months. Not sure how it would work for a 13 months old? Did anyone ever try to do this? Am wondering how long I should try for? Thanks for your input in advance.

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