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baby crib & mattress

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    bradmom is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2004

    Question baby crib & mattress

    I found that most crib sold in HK comes with the so called 'mattress' but is actually a think foam. Where else can I get a spring mattress crib in HK? or anyone knows if the foam is good enough?

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    Eva'sMum is offline Registered User
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    You can try 0/3 Baby at Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui - phone number 3194 4721. They don't stock inner spring mattress in-store but will order one for you.

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    Rosewood is offline Registered User
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    May 2004
    Hong Kong

    ..or try any of the Mother Care stores in HK. They have a spring interior mattress with Coolmax - which is probably ideal for HK's summer. They dont have any in stock, but can order one for you from UK. They quoted around $1100 ish when I asked a few weeks ago.

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    New Territories

    Ehhh. Foam should be good enough. After all, you're most likely going to wrap the thing in plastic sheeting to keep it from getting getting urine stained and stinking. So the fear that "foam won't breathe" or will get hot and sticky for the baby doesn't matter.

    Both my kids slept on the foam pad/mattress that came w/ the crib and are now fine strong kids.

    My "iron hildren" - they even slept on those coconut husk mattress pad things that they sell very cheaply in local furniture shops/hardware stores. "It's good for them that it's hard" said beloved DH who grew up sleeping on bamboo matting on a wooden frame (much cooler in HK in days before air conditioning).

    That was, until they got old enough to notice mama's bed was much more comfortable than the planks they were sleeping on... But we were able to save on matresses for almost 4 or 5 years before they were old enough to notice.

    What's the advanatage in paying extra for something w/ springs?

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    hkgirl is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2003


    We just bought a 0/3 Crib from Justco and it's great. The mattress was included in the crib price and each side has a different firmness depending on the weight and age of your child.

    I think with foam the most important thing is that it's very firm so the baby can't suffocate in it.

    If you have any advice about bedding for slightly smaller than standard size cribs, that would be great. We will probably have linens and bumpers customized, but it would be nice to know where to get extra fitted sheets etc. if necessary.

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    I couldn't find sheets for D's bed, and ended up getting everything made in Shenzhen, including bumpers. Plus you can get matching curtains too!

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    josie manning is offline Registered User
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    west mid-levels

    Plastic sheets to catch wee underneath the bed

    Hello there all the mums with great advices

    where can i get the "plastic sheet" to catch wee underneath the bedding when my 2yr old start potty train at night time?


    josie manning

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    hkgirl is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2003

    Hi Rani,

    Thanks for the advice. We are actually having our bedding custom made by my mom and my husbands mom in Canada this summer. We'll pick out some nice fabrics that are classy. The baby bedding everywhere is all cartoons and kids stuff, which I do not want. By the way, be careful with your babies in Shenzhen. Our friends youngest child was grabbed out of the stroller by an old lady and the husband had to chase after her to get the baby back.

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