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Baby going to bed late

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    i feed her every four hours, waking her up during the day (she's still sleeping, from 6.30am till now, dont know wt to do with her) and she will fall rite back to sleep after the feed. i guess she jsut has too much sleep during the day that she wont go to be bed until 2am when she becomes reli wakeful after the 10.30pm feed.

    if you continue to feed her every three hours, i wonder how you get out of the house during the day. how long does it take you to move out from the 3 hour schedule?

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    well, i didn't go out much for the first 3 mths. if i knew i had to go out for more than 3 hrs, i bring my ISIS pump. when the time comes, i'd go to the bathroom, sanitise my hands & pump away until the let down finishes. (maybe 5mins, so i don't get engorged). then nanny feeds baby from stored milk. if i go out that day, there is usually one bottle feed for baby. (but i maintain supply by pumping that feed outside)

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