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playgroups for 15month old

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    playgroups for 15month old

    hello everyone
    we have just moved to DB in Hongkong, and looking for playgroups or mothers groups happening in and around the area. need to interact with kids her age. would appreciate a reply or message if anyone knows of anything
    love to hear from some one
    Sharon and Stephanie

    2987 0298

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    jane01 is offline Registered User
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    Welcome to DB ! My daughter is 15.5months.

    I have the following suggestions:

    * First Friends at the Marina Club - you need to be a member, or know a member who will sign your application form. FF takes children from 1 year and they must be accompanied by a parent or helper.
    * Kindermusik - not a formal playgroup, but they have classes at the Residents Club and Kids Alive
    * Kids Alive - not a playgroup, but a sort of indoor playroom, where children can interact. It is located underneath Coastline Villas
    * Panda Junction - on HK Island, but well worth travelling to, my daughter loves it.

    Thats all the suggestions I have. There is a list of playgroups in the latest Inside DB magazine, but they mostly start at 18mth/2 years and are "leave them" playgroups - ie mum has to go. Personally, my daughter won't be ready to be left at 18mths, but perhaps some kids are.

    I certainly think there is a gap in the market for playgroups around this age.

    Mothers groups are more informal. I have a group of friends who I meet about once a week. We have children from 7 to 20 months. Ie. our "group" is more about the mums liking each other, than the age of the children ! If that interests you, let me know.

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    sharonb is offline Registered User
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    thanks Jane -

    hello Jane
    Many thanks for the reply, checked of FF, and they start next monday, also checked out KInder music, yes, the other groups are for older kids stephanie likes to watch and play with other kids if she is in the mood.
    would like to catch up with ur Group if possible,
    gives us a place for interaction.
    my number is 9834 0951 (mob) give us a call if it is ok with the other mums of the group, we often go down to the centre for a while every morning 9-11. and in the evening too. shall catch up with u then, i have also joined the residents club so shall start with using the swimming pool on Wed.
    Many thanks once again

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