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child refusing to go to school

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    My kids went to local nursery and kindies and in all of them the teachers were quite kind and patient. In one school for the nursery class, they had all the parents stay in the room the first day. On the second day, the parents dropped off the kiddies and then waited in another room to be called in if their child was crying and could not be soothed.

    Nothing beats going to a school and asking questions.

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    momo is offline Registered User
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    I totally empathize with you as I went through the same with my 3 year old. It took him about 1 week to settle in his pre-school. Things went well for 3 weeks and suddenly he did not want to go to school anymore. He would cry until he became sick when I left him at school. It really upset me. After about 2 weeks and in one of our casual chat it turned out one of the boys had hit him. Once this came out and I assured him that he will unlikely be hit again and how he should handle it, he is fine again. Perhaps you can find ways to find out from your child whether anything had happened. Young children cannot express themselves and my son never told me he was hit until I asked about his opinion of the other chidlren in his class,it was when the name of the boy was mentioned that the hitting came out.

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    Catherine Johal is offline Registered User
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    A kid crying at school could be many other reasons. Maybe the child does not like to share toys. It will take time but then eventually will be fine. Sometimes we parents just get paranoid.

    Do check out with the school. As far as I know some kindergarten teachers are not even qualified teachers they just pick someone who is a Native English Speaker without any experience in handling kids.

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