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Just had a miscarriage

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    Unhappy Just had a miscarriage

    Hi Girls,
    After 5 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, my body aborted an undeveloped foetus. Emotionally, my husband and I are doing fine as we do believe that nature can tell when things are not meant to happen. Physically, after 4 days, I am still experiencing occasional cramping, and lot's of bleeding. Is this normal?? When is it supposed to stop, or is it meant to be like a menstrual cycle?
    Unfortunately my doctor has gone away for holidays, but the last thing she said was that if the bleeding didn't stop that I should either go to a hospital or come see her colleague. How long should I wait before I panic??
    Another question.... How long should we wait before we try again?
    Thanks in advance for your support.


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    Dear Sunbun,

    I am so sorry! If you need to chat feel free to PM or email me.

    The following site answers some of your q's


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Go to an emergency room?

    Hi Sunbun,

    Sorry to read of your loss. If you are still concerned about the bleeding, why not go to a public hospital emergency room?

    The doctors there are very skilled and if the bleeding is abnormal or dangerous, they will probably check you in immediately for treatment. If it's normal, then you will be re-assured.

    The only thing you will lose is the waiting time and HK$100.

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    Dear Rani and Loupou,

    Thank you for your speedy replies and support! The website was VERY helpful and comforting. It answered all of my questions and more!
    As for the bleeding.... it finally seems to be slowing down, and according to the website you can bleed for 7-10 days afterward. I guess that's something worth knowing so that all women who have this experience don't have to panic.
    I am also comforted to know that there is no 'set' time you have to wait before trying again. Apparently as soon as you feel up to it you can live your life as you normally would..... without contraception!
    Thanks again for the replies! I'll let you know when I'm successful again in the future.


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