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TB Vaccine

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    Question TB Vaccine


    We are looking at moving to Hong Kong within the next 12 months. My husband is taking my daughter and myself to have a look for two weeks next month.

    Do I need to get my daughter vaccinated for TB for the two week visit?? I understand babies in Hong Kong are vaccinated for this.

    We come from Australia and she has had her standard vaccinations plus chicken pox vaccine.

    Many Thanks,


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    Here's a list of vaccinations given to kids in HK.

    Another good thread:

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    TB Vaccination

    We have recently arrived in HK from Australia and decided to have our 3 year old vaccinated as it was recommened by the QLD TB Control Centre (ph 7 3896 3963). They informed me that's its best to have young children vaccinated against TB now especially if they intend to travel to busy concentrated cities with lots of people also you are protecting your child if you intend to travel to other countries too

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