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How to wean toddler ?

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    Breastfeeding Toddler Meeting

    La Leche League Hong Kong is holding a special meeting for mothers who are breastfeeding beyond the one year mark. We hope that during this meeting we can provide information for mothers who are practicing extended breastfeeding - as well as support and encouragement.

    Here's the details:

    DATE: Wednesday 3rd November

    TIME: 11.00am til 2.00pm

    PLACE: Flat 2, 2nd Flr, Tower A, Villa Lotto, 18 Broadwood Rd,
    Happy Valley. Tel: 2817 7475

    Some parking is available.

    We will have a coffee and chat for one hour or so and then you are welcome to stay for a pot luck lunch. So please bring one dish with you. If that's not possible - don't worry, just give me a call and let me know.

    If you are bringing a toddler with you, who will want to eat something simple like fish fingers and pasta, then please give me a call and I'll make sure I've got enough for everyone.

    Babies and children are welcome - of course!

    We do want to focus on the needs of mothers breastfeeding older babes of more than one year... so this meeting is probably not suitable for pregnant mums or mothers of newborns.

    Best wishes,

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    HI Everyone,

    I thought I would update this thread so it might help anyone in the same position. I took it really slowly. From nursing at all odd times of the day I've now officially weaned my son :) Wasn't too bad. One of the links on this thread mentioned about shortening the feeds. My son loves to count so I started counting to help him shorten the feeds. He pretty soon started coming to me to "nurse upto 5/10/30 counts" 30 is the maximum he can count upto :D We went home in december and he was so excited that he didn't ask to nurse except at naptime and bedtime. Once we came back he just gave up napping so naptime nursing stopped. Two weeks ago DH took up bed time so that stopped too. The only time he got cranky was when he woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to nurse. I comforted him but refused to nurse. Now he sleeps through the night and though he remembers nursing and occasionally asks to nurse he doesn't really expect to be nursed. I've really enjoyed nursing him but I was ready to stop. Had no discomfort, no feeling of fullness either ! I'm now sleeping through the night for the first time in 3 years !!! Yipee

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