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Pre-school/playgroup and a 2 year old?

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    Welcome (soon) to D.B. I'm sure you'd like the place as much as N.S.

    As fas as I'm aware, there's no facilities here that cater to kids under 17 months. There are a few places though that run parents and toddlers groups for kids 1 and above. But for your older daughter, you'll find heaps of playgroups you may send her to.

    Have you got a copy of an InsideDB magazine? Normally there's a list of playgroups in there. I can mail you one if you'd like. Hopefully Canada post won't go on strike over Xmas, and with any luck you'll get it before you leave for HKG. :cheerlead Go Canada go!

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    Hi Svasbt,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Nothing for kids under 17 months huh...darnit!
    Oh well, I will have to try to figure something out. Anyway, no I don't have a copy of the magazine you mentioned, and thank you very much for offering to send it to me...but I will wait to pick up a copy...if you send, I'll be gone before Canda Post gets it here LOL!!

    Thanks again for your reply!


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