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All Over Itching During The Last Month Of Pregnancy

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    All Over Itching During The Last Month Of Pregnancy

    I am in my last month of pregnancy, and I have noticed that aside from the ugly stretch marks under my pregnant belly, I have also noticed that these past days and nights, I had develop this sort of allergy looking rash or hives that itches like crazy to the point that it keeps me awake at night. I have them around my belly, my hips, thighs and upper arm, lately I have been itching on my back and neck too!

    I tried just about everything to relieve the itching, from calamine lotion, to cocoa butter to even my baby's diaper rash ointment. All would give temporary relief and then it starts itching again. It this is indeed an allergic reaction to something, I wonder if it is safe to take some antihestamine for some relief at least at night time?

    Has anybody ever had this before? Any advice?

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    Pls contact your Dr ASAP! Itchiness during the last trimester may indicate a liver problem that affects up to 2 percent of pregnant women.


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    I had the most hideous itching with both my pregnancies - all over. I scratched so much I bled and it kept both my husband and I awake at night. The doctor offered no tests or solutions and said it was probably some sort of homonally exacerbated eczema (good to know we pay so much money for such wooly advice).
    I used to bath in QV oil and rubbed caladryl on the really itchy bits and that seemed to help a little.
    It reduced substantally after I gave birth, but didnt ceased completely until I stopped breastfeeding.

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