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How long will it take a 18 month old to adapt to a new maid?

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    How long will it take a 18 month old to adapt to a new maid?

    My maid decided to quit last week and will leave in the next week or two. She has been with us since our baby was born and my little girl is quite attached to her. Both my husband and I work very long hours although my mum is very involved in looking after her. The new maid will join us hopefully in two weeks' time.

    Has anyone had similar experiences? How long will it take a 18 month old to adapt to a new maid? What can be done to make things easier for everyone?

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    We changed helpers just before D's 2nd birthday. I had the same concerns as he was very attached to our previous helper. But surprisingly it took him around 2 weeks to form the same bond with our new helper. So not to worry.


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    Me too! One of my maids quitted last Dec. And my second one had taken 2-3 months time to get use to her. It would shorten the adjustment period if they were to go to playgroups together. Your kids will then get attach to her quickly.


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    I also changed maids when my son was 18 months. It didn't take very long at all for him to get used to the new one. I think he barely even noticed a change! As he gets older I realise that even though he spends so much time with her, he still regards her as the 'maid' (someone to feed him, change him, etc) - even though we treat her as one of the family. He seems to have figured it all out. He knows who his parents are and as long as we give him plenty of attention when we're at home, he's happy and secure. Good luck!

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    Every child is different, my son was fine with all 3 changes at age 14 months, then 2.5 now 3! You know what they always say, 3rd time lucky with a maid, it's a tough job finding someone nice. I am finally sorted!

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