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Kindermusik or Music Together for 10 month old?

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Mar 2003
    New Territories

    I guess the point is, are you going to a music playgroup w. an infant in arms to meet other mums and get out of the house, or do you think that somehow it will increase their appreciation for music? If it's to increase their appreciation of music - then why not save the $ and spend it on some nice CDs to listen to at home or just sing and play w/ your baby?

    My kids love music, but I didn't do any classes for them until they were in primary school.

    I sang songs myself, and gave them things to bang on and shake and rattle. I would also put on music and dance w/ them from time to time.

    However, if it's because you do want to meet other mums, then it's probably worth the money and time and effort.


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    shalom is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2004
    Hong Kong

    hi, i am very interested in kindermusic too and i would like to send my baby for it as early as possible, being a stay home mother this will probably do me some good too. any of you can recommend any kindermusic class at the area of happy valley or cauway bay??

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    May 2003
    Discovery Bay

    I only have experience of Kindermusik, which has been very positive. I think it does provide more stimulation than can be provided at home: lots of people singing together, a whirl of activity, sounds, colours and action. I think it has made music seem more exciting to my baby than it otherwise would have been, had I tried to do the same things myself at home! She is now 13 months and it is lovely to see how thrilled she looks when I put music on at home. The classes can be a bit too intense for younger babies under 6 months.

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    Connie Wong is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2003
    Hong Kong Island

    My son has joined the Kindermusic by Catherine for nearly one year and he simple adores it. Many good things have been said about how the programme has stimulated children musically and I totally agree with that. Another advantage that my son and I have gained from the programme is that it helps to stimulate imagination and creativity and also language skills. The programme is based on themes and with each theme my son can extend his imagination and has learnt some relevant vocabulary related to the topic. the scarves they use in one theme can become whales and in another session become dusters and moppers. Having attended these lessons gives me plenty of new ideas on how to play with my son at home. It's a pity that my son cannot join any new sessions right now as the time doesn't fit with his school schedule but i'll definitely rejoin again over long holidays.

    Another thing is the Kindermusik by Catherine is much much better than the Gymboree music programme. I attended both of them.

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    a mom is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2005

    we've done both. we did music together in new york city when my son was just 7-8 months old. it provided an opportunity for him to be around other little kids, play, and ofcourse enjoy music, which he loves. we did kindermusik in singapore when he was 16 months and he just didnt want to participate, or rather he kept banging on the door hoping someone would let him escape. but i thought it was really good. i think they're both quite similar programs so it comes down to the quality of the teachers/environment.
    i would try asking for a trial class and see what you and kiddo think. the best part was playing in a fresh way and a fun environment (as opposed to the same old same old at home) with my child since both these focus on having fun without toys, just being silly, running, jumping, singing, etc.

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