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Mixed Feeding

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    Mixed Feeding

    I am currently exclusively breast feeding but will be returning to work (on a part time basis) in a few weeks. As I won't always be able to express at the times that my baby should be feeding, I would like to hear from those of you who have successfully combined giving your baby formula and expressed milk. My baby doesn't have a problem with taking milk from a bottle.


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    I started to store expressed milk 2 weeks before I went back to a full time job. That was when my baby was 2 months old. She was exclusively on breast milk up till 12 months. From 12 to 15 months, she had cow's milk during the day or whenever I was not able to nurse her. One of the reason I decided on fresh milk was that it would be easier to mix expressed milk with fresh milk during the transition stage. She was successfully weaned off breast milk when she was 16 months. My daughter is now 3 and loves fresh milk.

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