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Where to Live?

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    Erin is offline Registered User
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    Where to Live?

    Hi Everyone,

    My husband has been offered a job with Cathay Pacific Airlines and we are planning to make the move to Hong Kong this winter. We are currently struggling to determine where a good place for us to live would be? Initially our housing allowance is only $15,000 per month.

    Originally I thought we’d move to Discovery Bay (it’s cheap, good square footage, lots of green space, close to the airport, lots of expats and children). However, now that I’ve been to Discovery Bay, I’m not sure if that would be the right choice for us.

    I like all of the attributes of Discovery Bay that I have listed, but my main concern (as silly as it may sound) is that it seemed like there were too many expats. I think I’m more inclined to live in an area that has lots of locals as well as expats. I was also a little concerned that I might feel a bit like I’m living in a fish bowl (living and working with too many of the same people).

    I’ve heard suggestions of Mui Wo, Shek Pik, Tai O, Park Island, but have been unable to determine what the cost of these areas are (I’ve been all over quite a few real estate sites). Also, I really don’t know anything about these areas. I think that Sai Kung and Gold Coast are in our budget, but again, I’m not familiar with these areas. I’m looking for any information on these areas or any other areas that may fit our budget?


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    Hi Erin,
    My husband and I felt the way you did when we moved here. We live in Ma On Shan (Shatin, NT) with very few expats around and have a great time. Its also a low density housing area (makes me smile writing that as we are from Melbourne and its incredibly more dense than there!). Our living costs are very cheap (about $13,000 per month for rent / food / utilities). We are on the water, have a beautiful park next door, a library across the road, new train system (about 45 mins to central) and slightly cleaner air. However, we live in a serviced apartment hotel, so its fairly small (compensated by the 60m pool downstairs!) and most housing here is apartments. (we couldn't bring ourselves to leave as its too convenient!)
    I think you should consider Sai Kung however. It is a lovely village but still retains its chinese character. We go there quite often (about 20mins by bus) and it has most of the western "necessities" (ie: real coffee! and a few cafe/bars) but you can get a house with a yard there within your budget.
    This is a direct link to the sai kung council page - theres a little bit of info and a few pic's on there:
    good luck with your decision making!

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    Erin is offline Registered User
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    Gold Coast

    Thanks for your input Jen! Anyone else with any ideas?

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    Sai Kung

    sai kung is nice, however, you will have to budget for a car... it will take you AGES to get to the airport on public transportation! (i live in discovery bay and my aunt lives in sai kung country park... it takes me at least 2.5 hours to got to her house on public transport... first bus to tung chung... mtr to choi hung... minibus to sai kung town... bus to her house! NOT VERY CONVENIENT!!)

    i lived in clearwater bay back in 1996 so i know sia kung quite well.

    as for DB, yes there are a lot of expats. but there are also a lot of locals. on the floor of my apt block there are 6 flats... i'm the only white chick... my hubby's local chinese, as are the people in 4 of the other flats... the last flat has an indian family...

    you will find that although there are many expats, they are from all over the world. i have friends here from russia, lithuania, sweden, belgium, uk, us, canada, south africa, egypt, nz, france, germany, denmark, netherlands ... i could go on and on...

    asia is well represented as well...

    Mui wo might be a good place to consider... i'd make a trip out there to see a n agent and have a look at some places. there is also a bus to the airport from mui wo. prices are cheaper than DB and there are many more locals.

    good luck with your search

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