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ESF Internatinal Kindergarten in Tsing Yi

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    ESF Internatinal Kindergarten in Tsing Yi

    I am considering which kindergarten to enrol my girl. I have heard good things about some ESF primary schools and want to let her start off at an ESF kinder. The one nearest to us is in Tsing Yi. I wish to have some parents' comments about this school, and whether it actually helps to get in an ESF primary school. Besides, English fluency and ability, are there any other things would the ESF kinder look at when they consider admission?

    We stay around Kowloon Tong. My girl is bilingual with English as the main and Cantonese being more of her second language. Our plan is for her to attend schools with English as the teaching medium and a lively and creative learning system. Which other schools would you recommend?


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    Well, I have sent my daughter to ESF in Tsing Yi for two years. Of course, if you intend to send your kid to ESF primary school, then it is advisable for you to send her to ESF in Tsing Yi as you will have priority to get an interview to ESF primary school. It is not guarantee that you will be granted an interview but the chance is definitely higher if your daughter study in ESF in Tsing Yi. My daughter now is in ESF primary school.

    Since you stay in kowloon, why dont u consider St. Catherine? heard that it is not bad.

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