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Why follow-up formulas?

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    Why follow-up formulas?


    I was just wondering why there are follow-up formulas, e.g., the Enfa*** A+ series 1 to 4? I've heard that there is no need to move up from the New-born number 1 formulas at all since they are all nutritionally complete. So why the different stages as baby gets older? My daughter is now almost a year old and she still drinks Enfamil (number 1) and is doing great. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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    I think the reason being at different stage, babies need different amount of nutrients. For example as they grow to 7-9 months they need more protein in their diet. So basically those formula is to cater more of protein. Another example, child under 1 year required 10 portions of calcium but the amount decrease to 7 portions for 1-3 years old. I guess the amount of nutrients needed varies at different age. Reason why the formula need to be altered.

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