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Swimming Lessons

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    Smile Swimming Lessons

    Does anyone know of a swimming pool near central/soho/midlevels area providing swimming lessons for 3 year olds??

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    I live in the midlevels and my 3 yr old is quite thrilled with his swim lessons thru the ESF. Though these pools may be a little further away, a distinct advantage (other than price) is that they are indoors. With cooler weather coming, I think they're the optimal choice. They have a website with schedule info.

    In the areas you mentioned I think the only option for someone who doesn't have pool access is to take lessons at one of the condo complexes that have a pool and organize lessons. To do this, you'd have to have a friend living there I believe and sign up thru them. A few complexes with this facility: Tregunter, Dynasty Court, Clovelly. You might try calling the respective clubhouses at these complexes to learn their requirements. But I think its end of season soona t many of these places.

    I've also heard there's a pool open to the public where lessons take place, its somewhere near the French School over in Happy Valley. You can also contact Multisport, they have swimming lessons but not in Central/Soho/Midlevels. Their instructors will also come to a pool of your choice.

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