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comprehensive list of local preschools?

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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    comprehensive list of local preschools?

    Hi there. I've read through about 8 pages of posts just now, and haven't found the info I'm looking for. My daughter is about 2.5 yo and we're thinking of putting her in preschool next fall. Most likely it will be a local school because the international ones are just too darn expensive. We live in pokfulam and hope to find one nearby that doesn't cost too much. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of preschools and their contact information that they would be willing to share? I really have no idea where to start looking.


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    Hi Katie,

    There is a Montessori playgroup in Baguio Villas for kids 2-4 which is quite reasonable. I send Dhruv there and he loves it!

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    lynn cheung is offline Registered User
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    ctrbabe1 Guest

    Rani- can you give me some more info on that? How many times a week? How many hours each time? Is it a play group or a preschool? How much does it cost? etc.

    Lynn- thanks for the link. I looked at it and I couldn't find any info on preschools. Did I miss it or is it really not there?

    Any more resources would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks everyone.

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    My daughter is in a local kindergarten and is very happy. My other children also when to this school and were happy. IF you are interested in local schools I think it is worth visiting.
    Caritas St. Francis Kindergarten
    Caritas House
    3rd floor
    Block B
    2 Caine Road
    Tel: 3589 2256/2843 4656
    I like it because they do a lot of playing and slowly build in more and more structure over the three years. The staff are very loving and friendly. It is a very popular school and they usually hand out the forms to apply for the next year early (in October if I remember correctly). The children usually starts in the August/September of the year they are three years old. So to start in 2006 the child will be born in 2003.

    Best of luck finding the right school,

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    Twinsmammie is offline Registered User
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    Information is a bit outdated but i find this website very useful

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    lynn cheung is offline Registered User
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    Go to the website, click on ENGLISH, then find on the left side, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education (bullet no 7), click.
    Click again on School Information (bullet no 6).
    Click on Kindergarten, Primary adn Secondary School Profiles (1st bullet).
    Click on English version. It will bring you to website suggested by twinsmammie... :cheerlead

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