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Chinese vs English Kindergarten

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    Chinese vs English Kindergarten

    Our son is 9 mths old and I've seen some of the kindergarten threads here. I'm thinking abt a decent Chinese kindergarten rather than an English one. Once we leave HK, he'll have the rest of his life to learn English (I have some friends who speak perfect English after leaving HK at 6-8 yrs old). The Chinese foundation should make it easier to pick it up again if he chooses to do so later on.

    Does anyone know of a high quality (say, equivalent to int'l school standard) Chinese kindergarten?

    I'd really appreciate any suggestions! Thanks.

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    hunhun is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Not sure about Cantonese ones, but for Mandarin, I think the Kiangsu and Chekiang Kindergarten is pretty famous. Their webisite is :-



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    Personally, I don't see the need for our next generation to learn Cantonese. It doesn't have much use outside Hong Kong and Canton area anyway. Madarin is much more important.

    Their Chinese standard is one of the best you can find in Hong Kong. I myslef attended KCS (Kiangsu Chekaing) from kidergarten through Primary 4 back in the 70s. I was then switched to ESF and never attended another Chinese school afterwards. I have only up to a p4 standard in KCS , but if I don't tell people about this, most poeple would think that I am a native from Taiwan or China judging on my fluency in Mandarin. My son is now in K3, he is quite fluent in Mandarin by now.

    Occasionally, my son would mix up English and Chinese grammar. He would speak Chinese with English sentence structure, or vice versa, but they are correctable. Also, their English standard is not the best when compare to the other reputable schools. I have to read my son bedtime stories in English and remind myself not to forget to speak to him in English to maintain his English level, which you probalby don't have to worry about at all. =)

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    priyapravin is offline Registered User
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    Hi Ladies,

    I am very much interested in putting my babay in an english kindergarten.Please let me know if u are aware of any .


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