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Naps and separation

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    Naps and separation

    My little one is now 7.5 months old - I can't believe how the time has flown by! Anyway, in the last few weeks, it's been much harder to get her to go down for her daytime naps. She displays all the signs - yawning, eye rubbing etc - but when I put her in her cot and leave her room, she starts to cry. Maybe it's a bit of separation anxiety? Any ideas on what to try?

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    You're lucky your daughter has just started this. I held my daughter or put her down in the same room as me for most of her daytime naps until she was 9 months old! I got lots of reading and studying done while holding her and because she's my only child, so far, it was very nice for both of us.

    Anyway, eventually I just had to let her cry it out in her crib so she could learn to sleep on her own in the day. I would walk her around a little or dance with her to some music until she was a little dopey and then tell her I love her and put her down. At first it took from 10-25 minutes before she stopped crying and went to sleep, but it got less and less and now she cries only for 1 or 2 minutes and then goes to sleep.

    If she shows signs of being tired, but is not fussy then maybe wait a little before you try putting her down. If she's teething this could be part of the problem and she may get back to normal once her tooth breaks through. It could be separation anxiety too. My daughter is 11 months old and for the past month she won't stay in her stroller for more than 10 minutes before she wants to be held. I'm enjoying it while it lasts though as soon she will probably be too independant and I won't get very much cuddle time!

    I guess the best advice is always follow your instincts.

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