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when to see pediatrician?

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    when to see pediatrician?

    My baby is 6wks old and we'll be moving to HK when he's 9wo. Is there a recommended schedule for ped visits in HK for infants? I am a new mom and am wondering whether most ppl delay DTP (3 in 1) or have it done at 2mo like recommended?


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    Hi Pregger,

    Here's the schedule of immuizations in HK.

    We signed up at the Well Baby Clinic at the Canossa Hospital. There is a Paed (Dannie Ting or Alfred Tam) there and they will do a quick check up before approving the shot.
    If your child is under the average weight range or under the weather they will recommend you postpone for a couple of weeks etc. We did the 5-in-One shot DTap.

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    Go to a Mother and Baby Clinic (I forget the official name) and you can have all the checkups and jabs done for free. They'll arrange for baby health checkups at the Specialist Clinic for you. It's all very well organised. However, no home visits.

    Also, in the HK private health system, you normally see a GP, who may recommend you to specialist paediatricians in the private sector if required. The public sector works in a similar manner.

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