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Looking for Mother/Baby playgroup in Kowloon/TST

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    Smile Looking for Mother/Baby playgroup in Kowloon/TST

    Hi all...
    I have a 7month old son and we live in TST, very close to the Kowloon MTR station. I'd like to know if there are any english speaking playgroups in the area or close by. We'd love to join some existing ones or I wouldn't mind setting up one if there are other interested mums and babies. I know about YMCA but was searching for some others...


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    Why not join The Little Gym in TST? Their English classes are great for kids to have a good workout while they play! Tel:2368 8777

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    LittleWalter, did u have any gd experiece to share with us regarding the Little GYM? Following the commemts was quoted from one of the unhappy Mom:

    I could relate to your disappointment too. I had a similar experience with the same company except it was the one in TST. I booked the gym for my twins two year old birthday - the whole experience drove me nuts. From booking to the day up to the party, I think I must have received 6 calls from them just reminding me that my guests must wear socks - for heaven's sake. It said on their website that they would send out the invites for you - but the staff there had no idea what I was talking about. They would only give me one free t-shirt even though it was a bday party for my twins. Their reasoning was that if they gave me two t-shirts, then everyone else would want one saying that the bday boy or girl had a brother or sister whose bday was coming up too!!! What a pathetic excuse! Looking back, this makes me sound like a real meany but it was nothing to do with the t-shirt or the stamps on the invitations was all about their attitude. I think there was more to this but all I can remember now is that I was really disappointed with the whole experience - it completely ruined the joy of organising my twins bday party
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