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Weight Gain / Unsupportive Husband

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    Unhappy Weight Gain / Unsupportive Husband

    I have recently entered my second trimester. I am already slightly over weight and very worried about weight gain during pregnancy. I'm doing my best to eat nutritiously however I tend to grab quick and easy things to eat (microwavable or packaged) when I'm having my starving/nauseus moments. I get really panicky because I know that if I don't put something in my mouth NOW then I'm going to throw up! From what I've read, overweight women should only gain between 15-25 pounds and so far I've only gained a few.

    My husband has not been very supportive in this area and does not understand why I don't snack on carrot sticks when I'm hungry!! We've had several conversations with people lately (we've just told our news to everyone) and many of our friends who've been pregnant have shared funny stories of cravings and the need for sweets. Also, I have pointed out some websites for my husband to look at, however he JUST DOES NOT ACCEPT that I need to eat more and don't feel well with just carrots in my stomach!!

    Has anyone else had these problems with their partner?? How can I educate him into being supportive?

    Any advice welcome!


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    When I was pregnant and craved for food, I had ginger candy, soda crackers and milk based drink. I controlled my weight gain quite well until one month before my delivery when I felt really hungry and started eating a lot more. People are saying microwave food causes cancer so better avoid it. Keep in stock of healthier food and snacks so you have them handy.

    As for educating an supportive husband, don't expect he will change and become more understanding. My husband is very unsupportive when it comes to work and helper issues. This ends up with us comparing with the other husbands and wives we've seen, which doesn't solve the problem. Better seek support with moms of similar backgrounds,or a specialised mom-support group, only moms understand and can give you advice. In your case, you may ask your husband to go with you to your doctor or gyn and ask for his/her advice on nutrition and weight gaining.

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    Remind your husband you are eating for two! Rather than focus on how much you're eating perhaps you can convince him to go for walks with you and help you stay fit during your pregnancy? You have to eat, but remember to eat healthy. A woman I met, worked till the very end of her pregnancy and had very little energy at the end of the day to cook dinner. She ate fast food quite often and her baby was borh with a number of eating and developmental problems. I'm no expert so I don't know if its related, but if you can, avoid Macdonalds and Burger King when pregnant.


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    Have you told him how you feel?

    Let him know you feel very unsupported by him; that when he makes adverse comments about how you are eating while pregnant, it hurts you. Let him know that it is hard enough to have your body going through all these changes without him telling you to eat %$!! carrots. Maybe ask him to help out by lovingly preparing you healthy and delicious meals and snacks, making a positive contribution to your health and the health of bb2b?

    I think Ranis suggestion about walks and time spent togther is also good.

    I hope things improve.

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    I didn't have an unsupportive husband when I was pregnant, although he jokingly commented on my weight gain from time to time. But I did have an unsupportive gyne who said I am far to fat everytime I saw him. Honestly, who cares what they think, I felt good eating when I wanted to, craved for funny food which I laughed about with my friends, felt satisfying that me and my baby inside are both healthy...who cares what they think. As long as you and your baby are healthy, they can think all they want.



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    my hubby was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO supportive when i was preggers.....

    some of the doctors that i saw though continually made comments about how fat i was...(i went through the public system).... what was surprising was that i had such awful morning sickness that i lost over 20 lbs and was only 4.5 lbs heavier when i gave birth at 37 weeks than when i got pregnant!

    it got to the point that a more senior doctor told me that if i ever get pregnant again and the same thing starts to happen then i should ask to speak to a senior doctor and explain the situation... they will either (a) admit me to hospital to feed me via IV or (b) give me medication so that i can eat!

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    Congratulation for your pregnancy. I love being pregnant. Sad to hear about unsuppportive husband. Don't be sad you should enjoy your pregnancy. I was gained more than I expected when I was pregnant (I dunno in lbs but almost 19 kg) and I was HUGE never imagined in my life I will be that big. I was craved with French Toast (I've even made it by myself) and like sweets too. My husband was OK with my weight gain eventho asked me how I will lost it later

    But those my preggo weight gone 5 months after given birth and back to my weight before preggo (I do exclusively do BF) and do some hiking as my exercise. So always see the brightside.....

    Don't be sad. enjoy your time and eat as you want when you need to but also doing some exercises (I love walked around when I was preggo) I even asked my husband to nag me if I was lazy

    Take care. Maya

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    I'd just ignore him!

    I gained 16 kgs while pregnant thanks to a donut fetish!

    Your body is going to be using copious amounts of energy to create this little wonder - it is busy trying to make another human being and you simply can not survive on carrot sticks alone!

    In the first half of your pregancy you will feel like you look "fat" but soon that lovely belly will be more obvious and I'm sure your husband will be very proud.

    Oh and congratulations!

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