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When can I try again after miscarriage?

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    When can I try again after miscarriage?

    I had a miscarriage in October last year. Stil can't really talk about it, but what I want to know is when can we safely, actively try again? Anyone know?

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    Hi Keryn
    So sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how it feels as I have had two miscarriages, my last being June last year. My Obs advised me to have 3 regular periods before trying again. Well we did and Im now 5 months pregnant, Thanks to God. I would recommend only trying when you both feel absolutley ready too. Give yourselves time to grieve. It can take a while and can be very stressfull always thinking it could happen again. But dont give up, keep strong, healthy and positive and you will be ok. GOOD LUCK. My thoughts are with you.

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    I had a miscarriage in 2002. Basically the baby stopped developing and there was no heartbeat. I chose to have a D&C instead of waiting to miscarry naturally. After my first normal period, I went back to my OB/GYN for a check and he said that we could start trying at that point if we were ready. We did and I fell preganant right away. It was a stressful pregnancy with a miscarriage scare (lots of bleeding) and I had some bleeding on and off. However we have a lovely son who was born in 2003.

    When you feel ready, start trying again. GOOD LUCK, Keryn.

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    I had two miscarriages too, late last year. My doc said, wait for a period to make sure everything is fine. Take folic acid and you can try again. I personally think that if you are not mentally over the miscarriage it's not a good idea to start trying. After my first miscarriage I was so upset but I thought getting pregnant again as soon as I "physically" can is ok. Then after the second miscarriage you can imagine how I felt ! Now I'm giving myself more time. I've had more than 3 periods now but I still am taking it slow. Now 5 months after the second miscarriage I feel I am ready. I'm terrified of it happening again but that fear is not going to go awayI suppose. Sorry if I seem to be rambling but it's been a hard mental struggle for me as well.

    So know that you are not alone and good luck to you. My thoughts are with you.

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