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congenital heart disease

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    Hole in the Heart


    A colleague of mine told me about your situation having read about it on geobaby.

    My daughter was diagnosed with a hole in the heart at 10 days old. Like you I was devasted. She was always healthy, but remained a little underweight. This didn't stop her playing football and rugby. She has always been full of energy. She is now 7.

    In April last year she underwent open heart surgery at Grantham Hospital and has never looked back. Within 6 months she had gained 7kg. She was playing football and swimming 15 lengths of the pool 3 weeks after the op. I have nothing but praise for the staff and the service at Grantham Hospital. They did a fabulous job and I would thoroughly recommend anyone with similar problems to go there.

    We were originally in the private system, but a number of people including expat doctors advised us to go public. We also had a second opinion in the Uk and they totally agreed with everything we were told in HK and actually told us we were in the best place to have the operation.

    I really understand the dilema you are going through and if I can be of any help I would be willing to speak to you directly.

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    I totall undertand the pain you are going through, especially when the surgery date is getting closer one day by one day. My son has a very serious herat problem call tetrology of fallot, a hole, and 3 other major problem of the heart. He had the open heart operation on Sept 05 and he is recovering very very well now. I saw many other babies are also there at Grantham hospital that did the hole reparing surgery and all of them are recovering very well after 3 days. You will be quite worry the day before and the day after the surgery, but after the 3rd day, all mothers are smiling there. Don't worry, the doctors at Grantham are doing the same surgery everyday and they are pros. At least it is a sickness that can be repaired , right? We are the parent, and we must go through this with our child, bravely, togheter, although I cried like crazy when my boy enter the operation room, but looking back, it is not as terrible. So, don't worry

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