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Mums and Bubs in Kowloon

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    Penny is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006
    Kowloon Tong

    Smile Mums and Bubs in Kowloon

    Are there any expat Mums and Babies who live in Kowloon and would like to catch up for coffee or go to a playgroup together?
    So many expats live on the island, I want to meet up with people who live closer to me.
    My son is 3 months old.
    Hope to hear from anyone soon.


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    faberlicious is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2007
    Dongguan, China

    hi penny
    i don't know whether you received any responses to your post ...
    but its now july 2007 ... so your son would be around 19mths old now?

    i am an ABC though i hope that counts me in as an expat!
    i also don't permanently live in kowloon - we work and live in dongguan but come back to kowloon on weekends

    we have a baby daughter now 15mths old
    was wondering if you (or anyone else seeing this post) had any luck with playgroups on kowloon side because i am really struggling with finding somewhere to take my daughter

    looking forward to some suggestions!

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    jackieee is offline Registered User
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    May 2007
    Hong Kong

    Mums and Buds in Kowloon Tong

    Hihi, I posted my reply in another thread but pasted it again below:

    I'm a working mum of a 14 months old and also a Christian. I'd love to meet up with all of you mammies and babies at my place on weekends for a short prayer session, followed by some songs and activities with the babies, and of course a free play time for them while we chat. My place is not huge but can accomodate 8 - 10 pairs of parents/kids. If you don't mind the Christian rituals and would love to come share, let me know. I'll advise time and date once I got some feedback. Let me know...

    Can't wait to see you all.


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    Tong.kate is offline Registered User
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    Jul 2006
    Park Avenue

    Hi, I am a working mum as well with a baby boy at 18 months, also a Christian and live in Kowloon. I'd love to meet up as well. Do advise me if any gathering coming up.
    (By the way, I join the ECC church in Kowloon TST YMCA 4/F on Sunday. There have creche services for those below age 2. With toys, simple songs and Jesus stories as well. You may come as well. Time: 9:30am or 11:15am (Sunday)

    My email is [email protected]


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