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refusing formula after 8 months

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    refusing formula after 8 months

    My 8 month old girl is on Promil Gold (a step after S26).

    She is now on solids but we will supplement her with a bottle of 210 ml before she sleeps, night feed of 180ml and a morning feed when she woke up of another 180ml.

    However, recently she is rejecting the milk, drinking only a quarter of what is given or not drinking it at all.
    I read somewhere that milk at this stage is still very important to the healthy growth of babies.

    She is still a smiley and happy baby but I am worried that if this continues, she may be reduced to just a pack of bones!

    Anybody has similar encounters wtih remedies to offer?


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    That must be very frustrating for you. I have no experience with formula. However, I do remember at about 8 months that both of my children were very interested with what was going on around them (and not as interested in feeding). Try feeding your daughter in a quiet room (maybe dim the lights) and she might take more milk.

    Good luck!

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    My boy is 11 months now. In the past few days he too has started refusing his milk. At every feed he'll just push the bottle away. When he does drink it's only about 1/4- 1/2 a bottle. He also has NEVER taken to drinking water, juices...very frustrating!! Poor guy will get such constipation every now and then. What to do????
    Sorry Arwen, doesn't answer your question...I just know how you're feeling now.

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    odm_post is offline Registered User
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    My daughter also went through this same problem when she's about 8 mths old. I was so worried ('cause her sisters never had this problem before) that I took her to see the paedi.
    And we're explained that:
    As long as they're taking 2-3 solids, which are well-balanced (with red meats for iron, green veggies & cheese for calcium, fruits for vitamins, etc, etc), they're fine. They're body is telling them that they've had enough, and that's what they're trying to tell us as well.

    And I found out that they go through this stage every now and then. My daughter just went through this a few weeks ago (she's on fresh milk now), and she's TWO :-P Usually it'll just last a few days.

    I also found the suggested measurement of formula milk is usually very thick and sweet. It'll help if you just dilute it a little bit, just until they start drinking again, then you can go back to the suggested measurement again.

    I hope this helps

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    My boy (who is now 14 months old) used to have about least 25 to 30 ounces of formula in addition to 2 to 3 solid feeds till he was about 11 months old. During this time he used to refuse water and juices. [He was never really constipated but I was worried]. When I mentioned this to his paediatrician, he said there was no cause for concern and that eventually they would start taking water/juices.

    Just before his first birthday, he went down with a bout of common cold followed by an ear infection and after that his intake (of both solids as well as formula) reduced dramatically, although his growth curve remained rather consistent. Then one fine day, he started drinking water and juices and that too, straight out of a glass!!! So, I think you don't have to worry about your kid not taking water/juices.

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