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Milk Brands

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    Milk Brands

    I've just arrived in HK and as expected, the dairy section of the super market is a little forign to me (no surprise, seeing that I am in a forign country and all). What brand of 2% milk is everyone using for their toddlers? I've been told that lots of the "milk" is not actually milk, but "milk drink" and that it's best to use Aussie milk. Also, does anyone know if there are nutritional differences between powdered, tetra packaged and fresh milk?

    Also...I'm needing a little coffee cream. I've been shopping at the Welcome grocery store in Gold Coast. I've found whipping cream, but no coffee cream. Am I just not seeing the coffee cream??



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    Hi Erin,

    Welcome to Hong Kong!

    We drink Masters Pura "Fresh Milk" in this household. Our 2 y.o. still gets 4% (dark blue packaging), we drink the 2% (light blue packaging) and it also comes in a "skim" white package which I think is about 0.5% fat?

    It's Australian milk packaged in HK - "real" milk, tastes the same as the Australian milk we used to drink back home.

    In a pinch when they're out of stock I use Kowloon dairy milk, but I have to confess it doesn't taste quite the same.

    If you find it mentally challenging to adapt to the the HK$23/litre price ;) (I think we all have at one point, or another, gasped at the price of good dairy here), I know a lot of people use the Paul's UHT long-life tetra-packs, which are much more economical. I can't comment on the nutritional benefits etc. I just know I like the taste of fresh milk on my cereal, hence my choice!

    As for coffee, cream, not sure what you mean? Fresh cream, in general is very hard to come by in Hong Kong, one of the banes of my cooking existence!


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