My little girl is now 11mths and since she was born I used a baby carrier just to get around. If I was going to be doing more walking I would also then take the umbrella stroller (Chicco). If she is not in her stroller she is in her baby carrier. I use both as I don't have a car and she is always in her carrier on the buses and taxis. I also live on the 2nd floor with no lift.

She is now getting bigger and I have just bought a Tommee Tippee ez carrier where she sits on the hip and there is a strap that goes over my shoulder. It is like carrying a heavy bag but my back isn't twisted as if I was just carrying her. I can't use a wrap as there is so much material I get very hot. I have just bought a Maclaren Triumph stoller very lightweight and still with a reclining back rest and also a shoulder strap. So far so good.