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Do you read with your kid everyday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vrindavan
    you will read to your kid until what age ?
    I want to know as well.

    I very much agree with all of you. Read-to-kid, for sure, keeps our relationship sounds. Besides, I print out preschool exercise/simple game to play with him.

    Would you mind to share what kinds of book does your child like?
    My son likes Thomas and Bob, he usually picks characters-related books. However, I wish he could widen as much as he can. I sometimes, hide thomas' and Bob's books. : )

    By the way, thank you so much for your response, I am a newbie.
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    I read w/ both my kids. The usual stuff: Boynton books, Dr. Seuss, etc. Found some nice books in Mandarin, but later pushed the Chinese reading onto DH.

    I started when they were babies (like the books recommend). When I changed their nappies, I would give them a book to hold onto and lok at, which helped keep them fairly calm during the changes (I rarely had to struggle with them squirming).

    When they got to kindergarten age, they liked the "lil Critter books & Berenstain bears (still do). Then we moved into "chapter books" - lots of Roald Dahl & also books of myths and legends.

    In primary I began to read them the Harry Potter books and the Narnia books. My daughter is now almost 10 and mostly reads to herself at night (she keeps re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) - but sometimes I will read a chapter a night of some book.

    Both kids are also fond of "The Magic School Bus" series of science and technology books.

    My son... He's just turned 8. Wwe're right at the third to last chapter of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" and he doesn't want me to go on. I think he's afraid of what's coming. So, at his request I've been reading him "confort books" - Babar & Curious George.

    After I read to them at night, if it's not too late, I let them read in their beds by themselves. For "self-reading" my son likes to read Tin Tin comics.

    My father kept reading to me until I was about 10 years old and my step-dad until I was about 11.

    My daughter says she wants me to keep reading to her until she is 18 :)

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    reading to your child

    Below is a website with some lists of award winning children's books. I know there are tons of other sites out there that will give recommended reading lists this is just one I found quickly. I hope that can give you some good ideas. I agree my son loves the Clifford, Thomas, Bob the Builder books too, the problem is the writing isn't as good as many other children's books, but if they are interested we can't stop them right?

    Also with regards to when do you stop reading to your child, I think it is great to read to your child for as long as possible. When you child begins reading on their own, you choose books that would be too challenging for them to read on their own but they are interested in. You can read aloud and just pause for them to fill in a word to make sure they are also reading along, or have them read a paragraph then you read a page, later it becomes really important for them to hear you reading fluently, so they understand how to reading should sound.

    Sorry if this is more info than you wanted. Hope it helps

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    I read to my 30 month old son daily a couple of time and I am also homeschooling him. He has learnt GD flashcards and has completed cards on fruits, vegetables, household items, people, occupations and vehicles and currently he is doing alphabets cards - both small and captial letters and by naming items starting with the alphabets. He also enjoys reading and at time when I am very busy, he will look at books on his own.

    We made it a point to go to the library regularly where we borrow books for him. And we also sing lots of songs, rhymes together. It is a enjoyable time reading and bonding with him.

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