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Nightly waking-2year old

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    Nightly waking-2year old


    My son is 25 months old and has been sleeping in his own room since he was 22 months old.

    He wakes up atleast once a night comes to my room wakes me up & wants me to follow him back to his room and which time he almost proptly falls off to sleep.

    Any ideas how I can stop him from getting out of his bed???? And falling to sleep on his own.


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    How do you make him go to sleep?
    Do you stay in his bed?
    I followed the "supernanny" technique and it worked for my now 28 month old son.
    Here's the routine:
    1) Bath/ Brush teeth
    2) Read a book
    3) Cuddle and **** with mommy
    4) Turn off the lamp
    5) Mommy sits in a chair beside the bed (boy sleeps in his bed)

    --- everyday, i placed the chair farther and farther from the bed, until i reached the door. This took about a week. After that, my son pretty much understands that after we turn off the lamp, mommy leaves the room and it's time for him to sleep. No night-wakings fortunately for us.

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