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Stroller for 2 year old

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    I am using Quinny Zapp (very heavy duty) can take up to the weight of 20kg. My 30 months old son (15kg) loves it compare to all his other stroller as it has a very good space for him and he feel comfortable instead of being cramp in there. It is about 6kg. You should be able to see it in Mothercare, I got mine from Mothercare Singapore.

    There is also the twin types of marclaren stroller for two children that you might want to consider, can be found in Mothercare too.

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    I agree that Maclaren Volo is great for older kids. The only reason I decided on Maclaren Quest was because it could recline (Volo doesn't), but of course it's slightly heavier than Volo. I bought it second-hand here in D.B., used it for one kid, and it's still in great shape ready for the next one.

    If you're not far from Discovery Bay, keep an eye out on Often there are strollers up for sale at great prices.

    Good luck.

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