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HELP! Big Difficulties with Potty Training

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    Another friend had a similar story. Her boy learned to pee in the potty by about 4, but the poo took ages. He would hold it all in until she let him do it in a diaper.

    Eventually she realised he would be starting school in 3 months and began to panic. It made the situation worse. Then she went away for the weekend and the father was tough on him and he was trained that weekend.

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    Hi there

    I think it is a matter of time when he is ready. You can try reading to him about boys on the potty for potty training.

    My boy at 2.5 years old just woke up one day and decided that he was ready for the potty and off the diapers go though he is still wearing the diaper for his afternoon nap and for the nite. I praise him for every success attempt in the potty. Now he poo and pee in the adult potty with his cushion potty training seat. Maybe you can add a stool for his foot rest and that might feel more secured.

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    More potty poo traumas

    I've read your little boy's story Bzee and I hope it will resolve. I have no tricks up my sleeve. My little girl toilet trained really quickly and easily, even with constipation. I think doing it on the toilet actually helped her constipation. But I am about to begin the 3rd week of potty training my 2.5 year old. He is great at peeing, but only standing up if I hold the potty in the right place. He also pees in the park, on the wheel of the car, wherever. But the poo is a major block for him. He was alwyas regular as clockwork - after lunch. He never had any constipation until the last 2 weeks. Now he is holding back, and seems genuinely afraid. He finally managed to do one but only after I suggested putting some cream on his bottom (vaseline) and then he stood and I caught it. Now we did that once, he wants to stand every time. Today he vomited simultaneously when he pooed, such was the ordeal for him. But then once it was out he was delighted (but still a bit scared). We give him a treat if he poos. Oddly, he won't agree to poo in a nappy, or in his pants. He even wakes me in the night now to ask to try and do a poo or a wee, and we sit in the dark until he gives up. If anyone out there has any advice about either a) getting a child to sit to poo , whether on the toilet or the potty or b) getting a child to understand not to wake up in the night and call to do a wee or poo I would be interested to hear. I'm confused, becuase I think it's great that he won't wee/poo in his nappy, but I'm sure if I took off the nappy at night he would wet the bed. Or continue to wake me so he can wee. Maybe I need to put him into a bed? He's still in his cot. Thanks.

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