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Baby catches hiccup by talking

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    Baby catches hiccup by talking


    My little 3 month baby girl catches hiccup each time she tries talking. I guess that she might breathe in lot of air and that's the reason why she gets hiccup within 5 minutes of sounds making. This is a pity because when hiccup starts of course she can not talk anymore.
    Is this something also happening to your baby? Do you know where it comes from and how to cure this?

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    I don't know how to cure this but let me assure you this is completely normal. My baby always looked annoyed when he got hiccups. My mom would smile with satisfaction..."good for the development of the lungs" she would say. She'd actually get worried if he went for a long spell without hiccups !

    Maybe you could try giving her a drink if she looks uncomfortable ? But I don't think it's anything to worry about.

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    I also think it is no problem.
    My 9 months had so many hiccups when she was between newborn and 4, 5 month. Although it looked painful, I didn't do anything except giving her some warm warter since my book says that they are not harmful for babies.
    Now her hiccup occurrence is just normal.

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    my baby is 7 months and still getting hiccups.. not to worry, have read and been told that they do not bother baby like they do for us adults.

    try to feed water or nurse your baby if you do want the hiccups to stop. it is the sucking and swallowing that will calm the diaphram i'm told.

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