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    My 21 month old boy has this horrible habit of pulling my hair
    (as though its a bunch ofweeds) whenever he wants to sleep.
    he also sucks his thumb.
    The hair pulling business began just 2 months back but the thumb sucking has been on since he was 6 months old.
    i am feeling so desperate.
    I tried everything for the thumb sucking.....i am so tired!

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    Kids do the darnest things don't they ! I really don't have any suggestions for you, sorry. But you are not alone. My 4 yr old has finally given up his habit of digging into my armpits when he needs to sleep. He still asks sometimes but I'm being stern and saying no ! When he was younger I was so sleep starved that I allowed him to do it just so he'll sleep off quickly.

    My niece had the same habit of pulling her mother's hair when sleeping. She too gave it up at nearly 3/4 yrs of age ! A friend of mine was saying that her almost 6 yr old still plays with the mole on her upper lip when he wants to sleep !

    Maybe since the hair pulling is a recent thing you could try to steer him to something else like a soft toy or something ? M son's friend is 4 yr old now and he still sucks his thumb, but his mom used to be a thumb sucker herself till age 11 ! So she doesn't stop him but kind of gives him limits. Like you can't do it in public, if you want to then you have to go to bed. So he does it only when he needs to sleep. She's hoping he'll give it up himself and using the "you are a big boy now".

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