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heating solids outside

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    heating solids outside

    Baby has started simple solids for about a month, carrots, veges, a little meat, bananas, congee etc. she's not that much of an eating fan so feeding is quite a scene. nevertheless, as she hopefully gets better, i'd like to take solids with us when we go out. we usually just use a blender to blend it all up.

    any recommendation on how we go about doing that when we go out? we're probably have to pre-blend, but should we keep it in a vacuum flask to keep it warm until she eats it? mix ingredients together before we go out, or keep them separate and mix them before eating? how do you heat up solids when you're outside?


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    I used to put my baby's congee in a "Zojirushi tuff mug" to keep it warm. The food was still warm after 5-6 hours in the winter. I got the Zojirushi vacuum flask from Jusco for just $99.

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