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potty training woes and hurtful comment from doctor

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    babymom is offline Registered User
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    Angry potty training woes and hurtful comment from doctor

    I recently moved and have visited a new pediatrician for my son. When we first moved, he had the flu and a friend recommended this doctor for me. My son is now 26 months old. He hasn't been potty trained yet although we are trying. He did use the potty when he was around 18 months for a while but regressed. I've read and heard that there is nothing to worry about and try again when i feel like he is ready. As a working mum i also have to rely on my helper to help with the potty training. i took my son to this doctor again as he had a cough. So basically i have seen her two times in the last three weeks since i moved here. I then ask her about potty training and just wanted reassurance from her when she makes a comment saying that since my son is a big boy now he should be ready by now etc...and the he seems a little immature for his age compared to other kids etc...she goes to explain that other children are 'smarter' as parents train them early but that my son seems 'natural'...i was just so shocked that i didn't say anything and can a doctor who has seen my son twice only make such a judgement........

    my first question to all of you is if you have son when was he potty trained...i know different kids are ready at different ages..what i want to know is my kid really late...

    have you had a doctor make such comments about your kids old pediatrician was so reassuring and in fact made wonderful comments about my son...

    so angry and frustrated

    any advice

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    Roshna is offline Registered User
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    see a different pedia!

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    Your son will be potty trained when he is good and ready and not a second before. My son was potty trained at about 2 years 8 months, and not one whit of what I tried to entice him to be potty trained any earlier than that worked. So ignore this doctor's comments & I agree with Roshna, go see a different pediatrician.

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I have two sons. The first potty trained at around 2 years and 8 months and the second at 2 years and 11 months. This second son was clearly ready – he would ask for a new nappy to fill and then a new nappy when it was filled! But if you tried to get him to do it on a potty he would scream. Finally my husband bribed him with new shoes with compasses on the front.

    I have never asked a doctor for a management problem – only medical problems. Just because a doctor has years of training about children’s illnesses does mean that he/she will have experience about such problems as potty training or how to get enough sleep.

    It would be much better to do what you are doing now and ask other mothers for their experiences. After all as mothers we deal daily with such problems, which a doctor won’t do unless he/she is also a parent.


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    I agree with most moms..change the doc...& if you can't don't ever ask her abt any non medical issues...

    My son is 26 months old & tough he shows all the sings of being ready..he just screams no no if I attempt to introduce the potty....

    I find it very frustrating...I 've read a lot on it & realised that I just have to follow his lead..

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    My son was potty trained at 2 y 8m too! What worked for us a reward sticker chart and M&Ms.

    Have a read through this thread on Potty training and it also includes Gina Ford's signs on when a child is ready.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    dont worry babymom.u have got the right things told out here rather than from that paed.
    so keep calm.

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    My son began peeing in the toilet (I would hold him up) when he was about 22 months old. I began when he would pee in his evening bath.

    He also had regular BMs, so we had him sit on a small pot outside the bathroom for his BMs around the same age. He was (and is) a stubborn boy in many ways, but I guess he was ready.

    It's my experience that kids in HK tend to be trained earlier than kids in the USA (I don't know about other countries). For example, both my kids were out of diapers at 2, whereas I have nieces and nephews in the USA who wereover three. I think it's a classic combination of nature (kids physiology and temperment) and nurture (parent's and the wider culture's expectations).

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