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Sleeping problems since illness

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    katya is offline Registered User
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    Sleeping problems since illness


    My baby is 12 month old and she is waking up at night. Up until she was 8 month she was sleeping all through the night, i mean from 9pm to 9pm. Then she got really ill, she got tonsillitis, and she was waking up all the time, So i was comforting her with the breast as she didn’t want anything else. Then she got better however carried on waking up. As me and husband are students we get really tired so every time she woke up at night i was taking her to sleep with us to bed and we all were sleeping happily. Only this way i could get all night sleep.

    Now i finished my exams and i really want her to sleep through the night again. I get really uncomfortable sleeping on one side and i know its wrong for her to sleep with us as she will get used to it and it will be even harder to change this habit when she will get older. I asked doctor and she said just pat her on her back and let her sleep but she cries like she is going to choke. Both me and my husband just can’t let her suffer like that and i don’t know what to do and what are the options. I know it’s even harder to train her to sleep by herself as i am still breast feeding.

    Please could anyone suggest what can i do? Should i just let her cry at night and not come near her? Should i sit next to her and let her see me that i am there and let her cry. My husband is also ready to participate and do whatever we need to do. Also i really want to carry on with breast feeding i had so much trouble with it for the first 3 months, i enjoy it so much and as the summer is coming up she would need extra immunity from me. Thank you very much for your help . I am really looking forward to your reply.

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    mandz is offline Registered User
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    I'm in exactly the same situation, my little one is 11 mths old and we have been out of hospital now for two weeks. I really need to break her habit of waking all night and just wanting us near.

    How are you going now?

    Does anyone have any solution to this?


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    nanzbier is offline Registered User
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    I've been trying sleep training on and off since my daughter was 6 months old. She is now 10 months old. Every time I let her cry it out, she'll cry for about 1 hr the first day, 30 min the next day, and then from then on 1 min. It was an extremely stressful time! I absolutely hate to let her cry and I think thats where a lot of my problems started to begin with. Every child is different and CIO did work for my daughter. However,everytime she starts to teeth I don't let her cry and her sleep schedule gets messed up all over again and after a few weeks of not sleeping when I am at my wits end, I finally have to let her cry it out. I just started again last night after 1.5 months of waking up 3 times per nite and she cried for 30 minutes before going down. I realize she sleeps much longer and wakes up feelnig more refreshed. Before I let her CIO, however, I make sure she drinks and eats enough in the daytime and make sure she didn't leak out of her nappy before I do allow her to cry. I'm still very new to may want to check on the babycenter forums for specific help. I believe co-sleeping is ok as long as you, your hubby and your child are ok with it. It never worked for me, however. My baby slept much worse with me in bed. So its really your decision...hope this helps...

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    LLL_Sarah is offline Registered User
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    Dear Katya,

    You said “I know its wrong for her to sleep with us as she will get used to it and it will be even harder to change this habit when she will get older.”

    First it is NOT wrong to sleep with your child. This is a personal decision. If you and your husband want to sleep with her then it is the RIGHT decision for your family. If either of you don’t want to sleep with your daughter than a compromise between those who don’t want it (usually the parents) and those who do (usually the child) has to be found.

    There are however guidelines for sleeping with little babies (these are not so important with a one year old as they are not a fragile as newborns). The UNICEF guidelines for co-sleeping are available at

    Second it is not true that children get harder to get out of your bed. Most are happy to move to their own bed somewhere between two and three years of age, even younger if they have an older sibling to move in with.

    I recommend the following books:

    Good Nights by Dr. Jay Gordon
    (This book was written especially to help breastfeeding mothers.)

    The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley

    These two give lots of ideas about how to get a better night’s sleep and the next two give more background and explain why co-sleeping is actually healthier than not co-sleeping.

    Nighttime parenting by William Sears

    The Family Bed by Tine Thevenin

    All these books are available from the LLL-HK library,

    Lots of people sleep with their babies - even John Travolta.

    Best wishes,

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    I think what sarah said is very supportive of those who choose to sleep w/ their babies. i had never sleep w/ mine (except for her naps, she slept in my bed when she was still fully breastfed). i wish i had the guts to sleep w/ her when she was a newborn. i think babies are born to sleep w/ their mothers, at least until they're ready to move on to their own bed. they need the comfort & reassurance that their parents are by their side. my baby loves to come to my bed every morning, and she loves to play with the stuff animals that sleep with us. i'm sure because it's the scent that the stuff animals picked up from us. and she also smile so sweetly everytime she plays with my nightgown.

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