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Screaming before and after feeds

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    Screaming before and after feeds

    My son is now 7 months old. He is a big boy (has been since birth) and thriving really well. My problem is with his feeds. He'll eat and just about anything but before and after his feeds he cries. He's been doing this since he was about 4 months old.

    If he sees his bottle he starts so everything has to be done without him knowing. Once I sit him on my lap to have his bottle he starts and gets really quite irate until it's in his mouth. When he's finished and I take the bottle away, he cries. Only for a minute or so but he screams every time without fail. Now he's on solids and he's doing this even with the food. I thought he was just upset that the bottle was being taken away but why then with food as well?

    Sometimes it's worse than others where we have full on screaming fits that go on and on, other times it's just a bit of a tantrum and then he stops. But I really don't know why he's doing it or how to stop him.

    Has anyone else been through this?

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    Hey Tiggy,

    have u talked to ur paed abt it?Perhaps that will make u feel calm.There might be some moms who faces the same problem so lets wait for their replies too.


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