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Baby Bjorn - "Active" much better?

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    Baby Bjorn - "Active" much better?

    I've been using a Baby Bjorn Original. Now my baby is 6kg and i start to feel a bit tired on my shoulders and back after i carry her for a while. Heard that the Baby Bjorn Active gives your back great support. Is it true? Do you think I should get the Active since my baby is getting bigger? Does it make a big difference? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    I had the basic one for my eldest, and gave up on it at about 4 months as it felt as if my shoulders were being cut in 2. I gave it to a friend and bought the Active Fit for no. 2. It still becomes tiring after a while, but it is SO much better. I still use it in emergencies (lots of steps, need 2 hands and very short run out of car into shops) even though he is 15 months old.

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    Yep active is much better, although as mum of 2 has said it is still tiring!
    But with HK being non stroller friendly it's probably best alternative.
    however with the bjorn it is so well padded that baby gets really hot!
    There is the sports one, that is made of mesh, good for baby
    but it doesnt have a back support, bad for mummy!

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    I used the active model from the beginning and was happy with it until my baby reached 6kg and beyond. My back and shoulders started to hurt really badly. Then I read about the ERGO carrier and bought it straightaway - it is fantastic and makes such a difference. My baby is now 10+ kg and I carry him around for hours - no problem at all. You cannot use it for newborns (although I think there is a special newborn insert, which I don't have) but as soon as baby's head is steady you can use it. Plus you can carry your baby on your back or side. I have never used the Bjorn since.

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