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Unfriendly School staffs

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    Angry Unfriendly School staffs

    I just got back to Hong Kong last month. And now seeking for a Kindy for my 4 year old child. So I've decide to walk in to 12 school and try my luck yesterday. To my supprise, none of the schools are giving me helpful information. I went from very good school that my friends recomand and to the normal rating school that are from the school guide. What I have been told is. Come back in December when they enrol new people or you will have to write a letter to school first and wait for reply. A guy from the gate even tell me that he is only a part time does not know how to give me information. Then I ask if he could kindly send someone from the school and let me explain to them. He just said the staff are all teaching busy cant come out? Don't evey school had a information desk or somone to pick up the phone? Then a I guess a parent saw me talking to one of the staff. She even add her words, and ask why I don't come early everyone in Hong Kong gone through interview and proper enroment. I know I don't have excuse to be treated differently. But I did not know that I will come and stay in hk. I had apply for a kindy oversea but how could I possibly know that I will need to also come back to HK and apply? At first I thought that the good school had expectation. Now I totally regret taking my child back here. I don't feel any friendly welcome.

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    i guess they're not used to walk-ins. Hong Kong is a place where we're used to making appmts by phone. cos most people are so busy they cannot handle unforseen circumstances.

    so maybe you should sit at the comfort of your own home & make some appmts to meet w/ the schools for info.

    good luck!

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    Yesterday was a public holiday, the full-time staff were probably not around. Agree with Joanne, best to call first.


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    What surprised me is that you expected an information desk in a school! Schools are not banks and are not supposed to have a person sitting in the front door to solely entertain walk-in enquiries. Staffs in a school are supposed to educate and take care of our kids and to protect them from outside disturbance. Making an appointment beforehand is a must.

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    If you are not looking for local kinder, you may try Woolands Kinders or Starters on HK side.

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    Starters' staff are friendly and helpful. I also agree that making telephone appointment is better than walk-in here in Hong Kong. (But I also encountered some worst phone manner staff from what we call the "famous" local schools before). Schools are having strict admission policies, especially rigid for those public and subsidized schools. it would be better to check by phone before going there. Guess for your case, private and international schools are easier.

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    Poor you. I know exactly how you feel. I did the same thing. As for snchiu's remarks, a little harsh I think. We were expecting not so much an information desk but all schools have an administration office. Not all staff are teachers! (Again big huge misconception that we should be drilling and edcucating our children as soon as we can.) Someone has to answer phones so surely they could a little curtesy to come out and say a few words. I understand if they can not show strangers around as classes are in progress and we wouldn't want to distract the children but sometimes getting a foot in the front door is a little war. Anyway I had the same thing which did come as a shock to my system. Made me worry what children they are turning out if they do not even have the manners to welcome strangers to their doors. Don't expect the phone calls to be very helpful either. Just be prepared for some rudeness. If you wish for the local stream persist a little don't be put off. Good luck!

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