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School Bus Service from Gold Coast

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    School Bus Service from Gold Coast

    Hi Everyone,

    I've started looking into where to send my daughter to kindergarden. I really would like a school that has nice facilities as well as a strong emphasis on Chinese language and culture, where she won't be the only non-asian kid. I'd also like to send her to a kindergarden that also has a primary school (so she won't have to change schools). So far I'm interested in Kingston International School and the Canadian International School.

    Anyone know if there is school bus service from Gold Coast to either of these schools and how long the commute on the bus would be? The Canadian International School (Aberdeen) looks like it would be really timley to get to on public transit.

    Also, does anyone know if it's difficult to get into either of these schools. I understand that the Canadian International school does not keep a wait list, but I know nothing about how easy/difficult it is to get into Kingston.

    Any other school suggestions/comments would be appreciated. I am so appreciative of all of the information I've been able to gather from this website already!

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    The school bus service of CDNIS is provided by Castle Brothers. You may contact them at 2555 2088 / 9032 7434.

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