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Difficulty reading to 14 month boy

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    May 2003

    I don't think it's a gender thing either. My son has always shown interest in books from a very young age and now at 4 and 1/2 he is still a pleasure to read to. In fact he wears me down ! I find that if the book is not interesting to him he loses interest quickly. But books he likes I have to read them over and over until he knows all the words by heart and can "read" by himself. We don't have a fixed time, any time I offer to read he's ready, he himself brings me books to read sometimes first thing in the morning. Bedtime routine is incomplete without atleast 1 book, sometimes more.

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    my son is now 18 months old... he LOVES books... i haven't "read" him a story in a long time.. he loses interest too quickly... BUT we do look at the pictures and i tell him what things are...

    so far, he can pick out

    not too bad considering he doesn't verbalise much yet!

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    thanks so much for all these suggestions - just came across this thread. The highchair thing works - I have a book to distract my son so I can pop food into his mouth!!

    The one he really loves is an electronic nursery rhyme book - which is awful and you are right repitition seems to win the day! He seems to love music so a book which inlcudes music works for us - he loves TWINKLE TWINKLE little star.

    Also loves anything with texture on it - "That's not my Monster" book and another Dorling Kindersley one with animals - it has textures in it too - we dont really "read" it but turn the pages and I say lion and he feels the mane.

    I agree bedtime isnt the best time for us - He is much better at meal times / just during the day.

    My son is 13 1/2 months. This isnt how I imagined it would be but it seems to work for us. Hope this is helpful

    Shahira KK

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    pswong75 is offline Registered User
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    i do agree is not relate to gender cos my girl 15 months , she also likes to flip the book rather than i read to her. However , i think she is improving and at least get sth from my reading since she would " read" ( in baby language) the book by herself now.

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    my 15 month old son loves flipping pages and grabbing my finger to point (for him). he prefers it when i make animal sounds (according to the picture i'm pointing at). Currently he thinks the frog 'kwap kwap' is really funny.

    he also really loves the caterpillar book with the holes in it as he can poke his finger through the holes (he thinks it's funny).

    I just read when I can and when I can't I just try to make funny noises to captivate his attention. Personally I'm just happy when he makes a beeline for books and pulls me to read with him (even though I'm not really reading), I think it's important to instil a love for books

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    at that age, my son too had a short attention span. we didn't necessarily read the book, but i talked a lot about what was on the page and asked him questions. I made sure to chose books that he could recognize objects. i also know at that age he preferred books with patterns like the ones in "that's not my car" or in Eric Carle. he also loved the Maisy series. He always flipped the pages for me and I let him chose the books to read. As he gets older, he'll be able to sit for longer and you'll actually be able to read the words on the pages. THe most important thing is that he's hearing vocab, spending time with you and if you model loving books, he will too!

    Don't worry about it - it's normal!

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