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Baby's stuffed nose

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    Baby's stuffed nose

    My son is 7 weeks old and his nose is always stuffed with mucus that's greenish colour. I try to clean it with dampened cotton buds but really it's useless coz he hates me poking into his nose and I'm afraid that I might damage the thin membrane. The paediatrician suggested that we leave it and let him sneeze it out naturally which may takes days. He has difficulty breathing especially when both nostrils are stuffed and gets so aggitated and frustrated that he crys all day and night over disrupted sleep. Nasal respirators with the long tubes and pumps don't seem to work either. Any other methods or advice?

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    Have you tried loosening the mucus with saline nasal spray first before sucking them out? I usually spray first and then after a couple minutes pump, it usually works. If not, may be a humidifier will help loosen the mucus. Sometimes a steam bath will help too.

    Good luck.

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    I found that my daughter was a bit scared of the saline spray. When I tested it out, the pressure seemed pretty high for saline spray for kids. So, I just took regular saline solution and put it in an eye dropper and dropped about 2-3 drops in each side. Wait for about 20 seconds and then use the aspirator and suck. I find that the bulb aspirators dont work...gotta use the japanese ones with the hose...made my Pigeon. I also did the steam bath....that worked very well....

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    After trying all that, you can try trying OLBAS oil. You can easily get it from Watsons. Eucalyptus is the primary ingredient. For young babies, dab one or two drops on a tissue, and put it where he cannot reach but can still inhale it.
    Always worked for my children :)

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